Why do I need to seed my fescue lawn?

Fall is the time of year when tall fescue is repaired to make your lawn into a thick, healthy stand of grass. Since North Carolina experiences extreme heat in the summer months which causes your lawn strain, most lawns will needs to be reseeded. Seeding will allow for the repair process to take place and is done after your lawn has been aerated. Another important reason why your lawn should be seeded is to ensure that you have the best grass cultivars of grass available growing in your yard. Every year different seeds of tall fescue grass are developed to be more disease resistant and drought tolerant. These are two major issues we face here in North Carolina. Turf Experts uses a blend of these seeds which allows for optimal results.

What months do I seed my lawn?

Seeding is typically done in September, October, and November but can vary year to year due to weather conditions. Call us to discuss a plan for your lawn today!